Today’s post is not a story, it’s just a collection of links to the interesting resources that could be useful for you in this epic journey.



Actually, I’ve read only two books about Elixir-lang. Both of them were pretty good so I’d like to recommend to you to read both.

  • Programming Elixir ≥ 1.6: Functional > Concurrent > Pragmatic > Fun” - Dave Thomas. The biggest advantage of this book is that - it was written for the people that came from the OOP world. I think you are one of them, so read it, it’s useful and light. - Goodreads
  • Elixir in Action” - Saša Jurić. Handy, good but not better than the previous one in my opinion. Anyway, it’s worth to read it. - Goodreads

Concurrency in Elixir

Concurrency is something that we don’t have in PHP so it might be new for you. I recommend you read/watch these videos/articles:


Metaprogramming is the next thing that we don’t have experience in PHP language. It’s a powerful tool! Be careful with that, because you can create some dragons in your castle.

Pattern matching

One of my favorite things in this language is pattern matching. This language construction enables us to write clean, simple code without tons of if-statements. Of course, pattern matching has tons of other advantages. Check it out!

Hey you! Share us your resources :)

If you’re reading this and do you think I omitted any important learning materials - send them in a comment to this post. Another way is to add them directly to the page via Pull Request to the post. I think it will be useful for many of us.

I will update this post whenever I’ll find something that might be interesting for all of you. Feel free to contribute!